Universal Safeguards for Digital Public Infrastructure

As digital public infrastructure (DPI) becomes integral to society, governance and finance, we must collaboratively establish safeguards to ensure global protection of fundamental rights.


Why now?

Decisions by countries on how to design, build and sustain their DPI will have significant lasting consequences on their opportunity to drive inclusive growth, innovate with speed and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. As risks of exclusion and surveillance surface during large scale digital transformations, we must proactively declare, enshrine and embed universal safeguards for DPI design and implementations worldwide.

The Universal Safeguards for DPI initiative launched on September 17, 2023 is a critical milestone. It shows the commitment to protecting everyone, everywhere and our planet while accelerating the achievement of the SDGs. It unifies and builds upon the work done in this critical area by the ecosystem of experts and institutions globally.

What do we mean by SafeDPI?

SafeDPI aims to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, by ensuring that DPI remains focused on safeguards. Through principles, practices and processes, SafeDPI helps mitigate unintended risks of DPI that may negatively impact SDG acceleration.

The What

The Universal Safeguards for DPI (SafeDPI) initiative will focus its work on three key areas:

  1. Development of the DPI Safeguards Framework - From Principles to Implementation: Through multi-stakeholder convenings and expert-led discussions, the framework will focus on principles, processes, and practices with an implementation lens.
  2. Establishment of the DPI Safeguards Platform: A community hub for the initiative, providing the latest iterations of the framework, implementation guidance, and resources from diverse partners, and facilitating international and in-country collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  3. Adoption of DPI Safeguards Framework during Implementation: Light-house implementation in countries will serve as a test bed to learn and apply the SafeDPI Framework to specific country use cases. These implementations will run concurrently with the ongoing framework development, collaborating with the DPI community and ecosystem and adapting to the evolving landscape to maintain relevance and impact.

It is envisaged that this strategic focus will help in creating an environment in which DPI implementation is not only secure and inclusive but also practical and adaptable to diverse needs.

The How

The initiative is dedicated to building a robust DPI Safeguards Framework through collaborative multi-stakeholder engagement - designed to respect, listen to and learn from their input and experiences. Stewarded by the UN, SafeDPI is a public space for collaboration around the development of safe DPI and a public good. Your contributions and commitment to SafeDPI will ensure our collective responsibilities to empower countries with the tools required to succeed.


Curate existing DPI resources and implementation experiences to identify issues and inform the development of the DPI Safeguards framework, drawing from a knowledge base of learnings, successes, partner spotlights, and country case studies.


Design, iterate and contribute to the framework through multi-stakeholder collaborations, using workshops, convenings and working groups to gather valuable inputs and experiences. These collaborative sessions are crucial in ensuring that the framework effectively addresses and reflects the real needs of those it is intended to serve at the country level.


Apply the framework to specific country use cases, while continuously collaborating with the DPI community and ecosystem and adapting to the evolving landscape to maintain relevance and impact in countries.

Get Involved

A call to action! We want to hear from you. The Universal Safeguards for Digital Public Infrastructure will leverage the broader ecosystem’s efforts and experiences, by collaborating with lead practitioners, champions, advisors, experts, and community centered stakeholders to guide its direction.

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